So why use door hangers ?
Door hangers are affordable

The biggest advantage of door hangers is the low cost when compared to other forms of advertising. It is perhaps the lowest cost of advertising to the local homeowner market . And it is 50% cheaper than using direct mail campaigns.

Small to Medium size companies struggle with the cost of marketing and advertising . It is difficult enough trying to choose from Internet, Direct Mail or Inside and Outside sales reps, these companies often struggle to come up with the budget needed to have an effective marketing campaign. Door hangers can make a huge difference for businesses with tight budgets because they are affordable.

Door hangers gets your attention
We all agree that the key to any advertising and marketing campaigns is getting your advertising seen . So imagine coming home, you will likely come thru the front door and open it . You know the old saying “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”

Also since the door hanger is on the door knob, the homeowner must physically remove it by hand. Door hangers are “ tactile “ This is one of the key reasons why door hangers work . They touch, see and read the door hangers and therefore gets a much higher response rates . Compare that with internet or telemarketing .

Door hangers are unexpected and undervalued
Have you ever thought about how to get your foot in the door with your potential clients ? Well you can start at the front door .

Just the fact that door hangers are not used very often by businesses makes them that much more effective. Less competition allows you to stand out from the rest of the crowd . Unlike Direct Mail, because it is uncommon to see door hangers, recipients are curious and drawn to see what the content is about, so they read it

Consider these comparison :
Door hangers VS Direct Mail

Cost of direct mail is about twice as much as door hangers . When you are doing direct mail most of the mailers are sent out all at once . If you are a small company, a one or two person shop you are NOT likely to be ready to receive most of your call or responses all at the same time . Door hangers work better because the delivery is usually spread over a longer period of time.
Door hangers VS Internet
Internet are price shoppers, and not as profitable . Internet shoppers would often call or fill out response forms from many competitors . An internet type of leads are price driven, they can be very demanding since they are dealing with so many quotes and become unreasonable in there expectation in price and results .

Door hangers VS Telemarketing
The results from telemarketing are on a decline . The fact is 40 % of home owners have unlisted numbers and of the remaining 60 % , between 60 to 90 % of those homeowners are on a National Do Not Call list .

Door hangers VS Radio, Television, Newspapers and Magazines
The very high cost of these forms of advertising is almost always prohibitive to a small local businesses . Plus this form of advertising are commonly used to build brand for larger nationwide companies . Door hangers are very localized .

To summarize, door hangers are one of the most Affordable and Effective form of marketing to local homeowners . And because it has to be removed from the doorknob, door hangers puts your advertising message directly in the hands of the homeowner . Try door hangers with us . Go to pricing and read the cost, then contact us by email or simply call to make an appointment.

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