Door Hanger Pricing :

As far as the door hangers, we would normally provide you a quote to print a minimum of 10,000 door hangers to be distributed . The price estimate below is for a standard 4.25 x 11 full color, two sided, 80lb glossy paper . You would also pay for the cost of creating the artwork . Then the delivery cost is roughly $0.15 cents each .

Cost to print 10,000 doorhangers, create the add and distribution = $ 3375

We also offer a group discount when a group of businesses share the door hangers. In this case we print 10,000 5 x 15 door hanger two sided full color on 80lbs glossy paper. We allow eight [ 8 ] non-competing or unique business type to share that door hanger. So there would be four businesses adverting on either side.

This puts your company name and advertising in front of thousands of homeowners . This is by far the best VALUE, getting your company name and building your brand image to 10,000 local homeowners for LESS THAN 7 cents per home.

Cost to print and distribute = $ 599, create the add = $75, Total cost is $ 674

Canvassing Prices :
When it comes to canvassing for your business, to generate leads or set appointment for your sales crew, we charge the canvassers hourly rate, cost of the driver and team leader if separate . You must also pay for the cost of the gas usage based on mileage, car insurance and the canvassing manager . We take a percentage from the sales from our efforts or a straight fixed dollar as a management fee . What you save is the cost for buying a vehicle, time and money spent in training and experimenting on what and how to do this .

Cost of ONE canvasser = $ 1000 per mo
[ $9 per hr x 5 hrs = $45 per day x 5 days = $225 per week or $1000 per month ]
Cost of GAS = $ 50 a week or $ 250 per month
Cost of car insurance = $ 150 per month
Cost of workers comp = $ 50 per month
Cost of Management = $ 2500 per month or 10% of total sales, negotiable
These are just estimates, we recommend using at least two [ 2 ] canvassers as a minimum . These cost can vary greatly based on number of canvassers and distance or areas you want us to go to. Prices are generally lower based on economies of scale .