1. How much does it cost?
Our prices are based on the quantity of door hangers you need to fulfill your campaign. We are affordable and we can include printing and creative design. Please see PRICING.

2. Do you deliver to Apartments, Homes or Businesses?
Our goal is to deliver your ad to local homeowners ONLY .

3. How do I know the door hangers are delivered and not simply thrown away ?
Our door walkers work in pairs and we only have a group of four or six that is supervised by one of our veteran team leader. Each door walker is given a limited amount of door hangers to deliver in each street. The team leader is given a company phone where they must take one photo of a door hanger on an actual door with a visible address in a number of streets they deliver in. Those photos are available to our clients as proof of delivery. We also use GPS technology to monitor each door walker. It would be very difficult for anyone to just throw away your door hanger or not deliver them.

Also we do not outsourced or broker the work. Some door hanging companies look for the lowest bidder to deliver your door hanger with little supervision or management. We are not like other companies where the canvassers come to the warehouse and are given thousands of flyers and sent on their own without any supervision or monitoring hoping that they will deliver them. We hire, train, monitor, supervise and motivate our teams.

4. Are there any laws or licensing required to do canvassing or door hanging in local towns or cities ?
We found that most cities require at the very least a business license . Some cities are even more restrictive . We have seen canvassing hours that are limited to say 10am until 6pm ONLY . Other cities require a special type of a permit with a cost ranging from $ 75 to $ 300 per year, while others ask for fingerprinting and a complete background check for each canvassers prior to entering their city.

The regulations can be extremely challenging and costly . Most companies will disregard this hoping they do not get caught, cited or fined, while others play ignorant and hope for the best . We are in compliant in the state and local laws .

5. What should I expect for a response rate? How do I know that this will actually work for my business ?
Many variables can affect the response rate . Does the message grab the reader’s attention, is there a call to action? There has to be quality artwork using discounts and freebies . Also the income, age, gender and other demographic information is important.

But let us not forget that the reputation of the clients businesses and how competitive their pricing is crucial. Lastly, how you track the response is vital . Some customers have experienced 0.5% to 2.5% response rates.

Although there are No Guarantees, a well thought, targeted and carefully designed ad will always produce measurable results. But we can guarantee that all of your door hangers will be delivered.

6. How many other company like mine will be on the door hanger, who am I competing with ?
You can hire us to deliver just your door hanger without any ads other than your own . That would be a stand alone door hanger with just your business on it .
On the other hand, we do have the “ Group Doorhanger “ . This option is more economical . It contains the ads of seven [ 7 ] other advertisers but none of them are in the same line of work than yours . We would not put any of your competitor on the same door hanger as your business .

Actually, as soon as one type of trade, let’s say a roofing company signs up we stop soliciting other roofers. We only represent one type of trade at a time for each door hanger.

7. What cities do you cover?
We plan on distributing to every region of the country. For now we are focused only in California .

8. What sets D2Dexpert apart from other companies ?
Our experience, professionalism and understanding of the marketplace.

We are all experienced sales professional who understand the frustration of terrible marketing and lousy leads or appointments. We take pride in our work and strive to always do a better job . It is vital for us to help you receive a successful campaign because it is truly in the repeat business that we can make our company to grow. We want to develop successful door hanger distribution campaigns for our customers so they will return for our services in the future.

9. How long does it take to deliver the door hangers? How many door hangers can one person deliver ?
The distribution time period depends on the size of the job and the amount of manpower that is assigned to complete the task. Smaller campaigns can be completed in several days while larger campaigns may require several weeks.

As far as how fast and how many we can distribute, well that really varies with each job. It depends on a lot of different factors like the areas they are walking, hills can slow down our crew. Some condominiums are quicker than homes, they are closer together. Some homes in certain neighborhoods can also be really spread out. So there is no real definite answer.

Ten guys can get 10,000 pieces out in less than 20 hours and less if the variables are in their favor.

They say that the average mail carrier averages 2 addresses every minute for 900 homes that is 7.5 hours. Our door walker guys are in the field about 4 to 5 hours per day on the average. If you hear someone saying that they can deliver 1,000 to 2,000 door hangers per person per day, be very skeptical. It is unlikely that your door hangers will be delivered.

10. Why do you require a 10,000 piece minimum?
Although every advertising campaign is different, research shows that the actual number of "Impressions" has a major impact on response rates. It's our job to produce measurable results that will have a positive effect on your Marketing efforts. We feel that with our minimum at 10,000 in most cases will produce responses. Remember that there are No Guarantees, but the "Law of Averages" would be on your side.