Our experience. We are lead generation professionals. We have been generating leads and appointments for multiple industries since 1977 .

We have unlocked the secrets in canvassing using a comprehensive training and our unique management methodologies. We use common sense with a dash of technology to make certain that we can produce the very best qualified lead and that all the advertising door hangers are delivered.

Using canvassing or door hangers to generate leads or appointments is an excellent and affordable way to market your business. Initially this looks very easy, but that is further from the truth. It is far more complicated than you think.

Consider the following :
Recruiting - Hiring and Training
Where and how do you recruit . Do you hire just College and High school students right from campuses or do you recruit more mature individuals .

How would you train your crew ? Do you hire an experienced canvassing manager or do you have first hands knowledge on what to do ?

Pay - Hourly Employees or Commission Only
This has to be one of our favorite topics . There are always those who claim to have built large organizations by hiring just the right persons and pay them commission ONLY . This is easy to contemplate but difficult to execute . Just about anyone in the sales industry who has years of experience knows this common misconception .

Logistics – How to track and coordinate locations
When you are door to door marketing you must keep track of what areas you want to canvass in and where you have already been . Looks easy, but once you have been in several areas you will begin to lose the details . So then having a system or method of tracking is important.

Collateral Marketing – Flyers and Door hangers
Many companies disregard the importance of leaving flyers or collateral marketing . Leaving something, anything just makes sense . We prefer and recommend door-hangers .

Compliance – Licensing , Background check and fingerprinting
By far this is the most neglected or ignored part of door to door marketing and door-hanging activity . Most of the canvassing businesses that we contacted either say they have never heard of any such requirements or simply do’nt know.There are plenty of licensing, municipal codes and fingerprinting required .

Sales Support – What and how to support the canvassing efforts
What would you need to support such an effort ? Well you need an office or office space for your canvasser can meet and pick up their daily supplies . You would need a sales manager or canvass team leader to manage and motivate your canvassers . You also will need a clerical support staff that can call to confirm each leads, distribute them to sales closers and track the results for both payroll and to properly distribute bonuses to your canvassers, as well as training .

Honestly, why not just hire us ?
We already do this work successfully for other companies.